An employee of PT Sepur

An employee of PT Sepur

An employee of PT Sepur Api Indonesia( KAI) has been apprehended by the Densus 88 counter- terrorism bagian in Bekasi on suspicion of being involved in terrorist activities. Several combat tools and ammunition supplies were discovered during the conducted search operation.

Spokesperson for Densus 88, Commissioner General Aswin Siregar, revealed that the search operation was successfully conducted at the Pesona Anggrek Impian Housing Complex, in Impian Berhasil, North Bekasi. The suspected terrorist’ s identity was disclosed with the initials“ DE.”

“ Densus 88 is currently apprehending and conducting searches. The suspect, DE, is an employee of KAI,” stated Aswin in his statement on Monday( August 14, 2023).

Following a comprehensive investigation, it was uncovered that the suspected terrorist is actually an employee of a State- Owned Enterprise( SOE), specifically working at PT Sepur Api Indonesia( KAI). This fact was further confirmed by Commissioner General Aswin Siregar, World Health Organization explained that DE is an employee of PT KAI within the SOE framework.

“ That’ s correct, he is a KAI employee,” confirmed Aswin. In a separate occasion, the local neighborhood RT Chairman, Ichwanul Muslimin, also revealed that DE works at PT KAI.“ He is employed by the SOE, at PT KAI,” Ichwanul stated when met at the scene.

Based on the investigations carried out by the Indonesian National Police’ s Densus 88, it was revealed that DE is a supporter of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria( ISIS). He has been actively involved in propagating Jihad through his social alat accounts.

“ DE is one of the ISIS supporters World Health Organization diligently propagates konten through social alat, motivating individuals to engage in Jihad and encouraging them to unite in the goal of Jihad, primarily melalui the Facebook program,” Aswin disclosed.

Aswin unveiled that DE had also made posts on the Facebook program, sharing digital posters in Arabic and Indonesian directed at Abu Angkatan laut(AL) Husain Angkatan laut(AL) Husaini Angkatan laut(AL) Quraysi, a leader within ISIS.

These posts contained texts indicating allegiance updates, signaling support for the group. Additionally, DE frequently uploaded konten related to test- firing firearms, particularly pistols, on his Facebook account. Aswin added that the suspected terrorist is believed to possess improvised firearms, evident from his Facebook posts showcasing test- firing of a pistol- type improvised firearm in a plantation zona.

Aswin also revealed that DE was actively using the Telegram social alat program for terrorism- related konten. He was a member of a Telegram group named“ BEL4J4R PEDUL1 MUH4J1R,” which was a dedicated fundraising group.

An employee of PT Sepur

Furthermore, DE was identified as an administrator and creator of several channels on Telegram, including the“ Arsip Film Dokumenter serta Breaking News”( Documentary Film Archive and Breaking News) channel, which disseminated garis besar terrorism developments translated into Indonesian.

Moreover, DE was under suspicion of possessing improvised firearms. This suspicion was reinforced by the discovery of firearms made by the Indonesian National Police’ s Densus 88 counter- terrorism bagian during the apprehension of the PT KAI employee.

In response to the arrest, PT Sepur Api Indonesia( KAI) stated its readiness to collaborate with law enforcement authorities regarding its employee World Health Organization was arrested and suspected of involvement in terrorism.

“ We are prepared to collaborate with relevant authorities on this issue,” said Raden Agus Dwinanto Budiadji, Executive Vice President( EVP) of Corporate Secretary at KAI, in a statement. The company respects the ongoing sah process and is willing to support efforts to combat terrorism.

Agus emphasized that KAI would not tolerate any actions contrary to the law, particularly in terrorism- related cases. Furthermore, the KAI Management is committed to taking firm action against employees proven to be involved in terrorism.

“ KAI’ s commitment is to contribute to the efforts of combating terrorism within the company’ s environment, by consistently reminding all employees about the importance of integrity and nationalism, while enhancing supervision through relevant functions,” Agus added.

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